Makeup to clown around in.


I get asked so very often what products do I use for my clown make up and how do I achieve such coverage.

In this post  I’m going to list down the steps & products I use to do a full face cover.

I am in no way a professional. I am fully self taught so I’m sorry if I do something the wrong way but it also can’t be that wrong if it works for me(: LETS GO!

1.Most importantly you wanna start with a clean face. So go scrub.

2.  A primer will help smooth out any deep pores or imperfections on your face and will make it seem flawless.

3. White base. I usually use Mehron Creamblend stick in white for the base. Try to use a sponge or your fingertips for a more natural set.

4.Use a white setting powder so the cream doesn’t smear when you work on the rest of your makeup. I usually use Ben Nye professional powder in super white. After this the makeup should look very even.

5.Eyeshadow/Blush. Using loose powders or pressed powders with a creamy consistency will help make sure you don’t whip off too much of the white face base. I usually use urban decay &  make up forever. Their formulas are very smooth. I even use NYX very often for these looks(:

6.Eyeliner is always dreaded, the key is to try to find a way/style that makes you comfortable. I have crease lines I naturally follow on my eyes to achieve my eyeliner. I also love marker tip eyeliners because they are very exact. I use NYX epic ink liner the most.

7. I draw my bottom fake lashes with the same eyeliner I used above

8.Details the more the better.This is the part where you would add all your little designs,freckles,glitter,stickers, etc..

9.apply another layer or white powder to just fix up anything that you could’ve messed up.

10.Setting spray. Very important to make sure you don’t melt your face off.I use urban decay all nighter.




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